Thursday, 11 July 2013

Packaging 5 - Percy Pig is 21 & Earl Grey

I haven't done a packaging post for a while so to celebrate Marks and Spencer's jolly little pig Percy's 21st, I present the Percy carrier bag! So cute.

There are so many Percy products sprung up in his 21 years but only one pack of veggie sweets which is a shame, come on M&S if you can do one bag without gelatine I'm sure you can do many more!
Having said that, I did spot this nice looking Percy pudding on their website which is veggie friendly.

Moving on to other recent purchases and that is Earl Grey tea bags. I am always on the quest for good quality EG tea bags for a quick, non ceremonial drink throughout the day. (coffee is my evening indulgence, tea gets me through the day).

This is my current stash.

Firstly and one of my favourites, alongside M&S EG (not pictured here), is Booths store own brand.

Booths are a wonderful chain of supermarkets mainly in Lancashire and the North West, with a few in the Yorkshire Dales. Their EG is very flavoursome and good value and comes in a pretty purple box, my favourite colour!

Here is a link to a tasty recipe from Booths website, I must try it, hence the link is mainly to remind myself.

Whilst I'm sharing things veggie, here is a link from a friend to another great source of veggie recipes

And one more

Back to the tea. It's good to be a bit healthier now and again with some green tea and this is a Taylors, very delicate EG green tea which doesn't taste too watery so I can about manage it.

I am a lovely of black and strong, flavoursome tea so lighter teas and green teas can be a bit of a struggle for me but this is ok.

Lastly, a new purchase and unopened so I can't comment yet but it's a Duchy EG in a nice stylish package. I hope my expectations aren't too high as it's a Duchy!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What I don't understand is if M&S can make one lot of Percy Pigs veggie then why aren't they all veggie because I'm sure even carnivores don't crave gelatine!!!
As for tea I like 'builders' tea I'm afraid, strong with no milk or sugar, I find Earl Grey too perfumy .
Thanks for the veggie links, I've already sent the frogs in my kitchen to my son!
V xxx

Anne said...

We're big Percy pig fans in this house and have just bought two big percy's for our twin nieces birthdays next week!

Shaheen said...

I think its funny that the only veg friendly sweets that M&S sell are those shaped like pigs :) Your right thought, they should be selling more.

Re tea. I'm a coffee drinker myself and hardly indulge in black teas, thought I do sometimes have a chocolate tea or its herbal. Liked reading your views on the diff brands though. We don't have Booths in Wales-yet.