Thursday, 4 July 2013

Reloved - I made it into print!

Today is an exciting day for me. Some weeks back, when I discovered the first issue of Reloved magazine, I decided to send them my story of how I recycle and reuse to make some of my fabric designs. I was very surprised when they said they would like to use my story and of course you never quite believe your story is interesting enough to go in but somehow I managed it.

Issue 2 is out today and I am at the back in the Upcycled Life feature,  now I'm only showing you a sneak preview as I tried to hide & disguise myself a bit with the photo by pushing my hair into a hat but I've been accused by my better half as looking a bit fierce, I'm sure I don't always look so fierce but I'm generally not a smiley person for photos as I hate having my picture taken. (I think I have every right to look fierce as changing the subject slightly, it's a week since I reported the hole in the roof and nothing has happened, typical!).

Back to the mag, here is a glimpse

Reloved is a lovely magazine with lots of nice ideas to make, probably more household type things than some of the other magazines but there's plenty to go at.

I really like these tin can lanterns

And this section on making natural dyes is right up my street.

There are some great magazines these days, I just don't seem to have time to read them all but I do cherry pick and return to things as a good source of inspiration.

Looks like nice weather for the weekend, yippeee!


Rustic Vintage Country said...

Well done you, I didn't even know this magazine existed but then again I don't look at the mag counter too much but I'll certainly check this one out as I'm a big recycler/upcycler. Suzy x

Anne said...

Ooh, I'll have a look for that one in the supermarket Sally. Well done anyway, its brilliant!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Good for you Sally!! This is the first I've heard of this magazine.
There really are so many good mags out now, I have a pile to read as there didn't seem to be a lot of time for reading of late but maybe I can catch up now I've got my life back! :)
V xxx

grace said...

Yay for you - in a magazine wow! Not seen this magazine but it looks fab x

patty said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. I hadn't heard anything about this magazine until I stumbled across a rather crumpled last copy of issue 1 in WHS back in May.

Crafty in the Med said...

Congratulations Sally...very well done!! A little bit of fame works wonders does it not :-)

keep well

Amanda :-)