Friday, 26 July 2013

Crochet and chicks

It's been so nice to have such good weather for so long and a good job because it's just over a month since I mentioned the hole in the roof and still absolutely no progress with it. I'm not good at doing battle with people I dislike immensely to get things done so because of my mild manner I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that eventually they take action, or the good weather holds! My priority is to protect my belongings, I'm quite happy for their building to drop to pieces but hopefully after I've fled.

Onto nicer things and one success story has been a fledging of a full nest of chicks.

This little hanging basket which I haven't used this year became the home to a spotted flycatcher family.

I discovered a nest in the top of it about 3 weeks ago and then saw these....

It was a bit of a worry as the basket is only about 3 feet from the ground and it hangs on a very rusty old nail so I hoped we didn't have strong winds or rain or I think it would have blown off.

Once the parent was sat on the nest it was tricky to get pictures but I did sneak this one of the chicks at maybe only 24 - 48 hrs old.

I had a great view of the basket, it was just feet from the house and I could watch the parents swooping for flies and taking them to the nest.
Once the chicks were sitting up a bit there was more action and if i went outside the mother would swoop at me if she saw me taking a quick snap so I held off and this was the last pic I got.

They did really well, good weather, lots of flies and butterflies and they fledged on Tuesday but I missed them go! I noticed the nest was empty, it took all of 14 days from eggs to fledging and a real success. A couple of days a new stoat family were on the scene which caused concern but all was ok.

I miss them now and I also miss Gladys and Graham the great tits, I managed to get Gladys to sit in the palm of my hand feeding towards the end, but they left after their family fledged, here she is tapping on the door for food.

On to crochet, I've been busy making things in the fine weather, ready for the bad weather!

There have been 2 thick & chunky crochet waistcoats completed so that I can layer jumpers under them.

I'm also doing large granny squares for a blanket.

I have quite a big, but hush hush craft project in the pipeline which is keeping me busy now and another fabric design competition which I think will be my next post.

Have a good weekend!


lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
What a lovely post about our friends the birdies - Gladys looks so cute, can't believe how forward they are! We had a blackbird nest in the hedge this year and one fat fluffy fledgling got stuck in the garden and was sniffed (but not eaten thankfully) by Small Dog.
Impressed by your crochet too!
Hope your landlord sorts out the roof, not sure how some people get away with it.Keep calm!
Take care
Sally x

Anne said...

Loved this post Sally. Full of nice things (apart from your roof of course, thank goodness there's not a lot of rain at the moment). Loving your crocheted waistcoats too, you will be needing them before you know it sadly.

Plain Jane said...

How wonderful to have Gladys feeding out of your hand - I have only ever managed that with a robin before - and have a spotted flycatcher family right under your nose! Lovely x Jane

patty said...

Hi Sally, glad to hear your blackbird survived Mr Dog!
Thanks Anne, I'm sure i will be in those waistcoats in a matter of weeks but hope not!!
Hello Jane, yes I was surprised a great tit was so friendly as I've only managed the hand thing with a robin before and I have to say the great tit was much friendlier, the robin wouldn't stand on my hand to take snacks but the great tit hopped with both feet into my palm!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe I'm so glad the little birds got away safely.
But Gladys!! She is brilliant, clever girl asking for food and what a privilege being able to have her on your hand!
You have been very busy on the crochet front, you're going to keep yourself warm this winter.
V xxx