Friday, 11 April 2014

Hornsea Pottery weekend and AGM - 5 & 6 April

Last weekend was dedicated to my fondness for Hornsea Pottery, to ooh and aah at lovely pots and maybe buy a couple of things for my collection.

This year we were actually at the old home of the pottery at Hornsea Freeport. On the Saturday the society members threw the doors open at one of the units for the public to come and see and buy original Hornsea pots.

These are some of the stalls being set up

The red arrow on this photo points to quite a rare tableware set called Ebony

I'm particularly partial to tableware as it's useful and I enjoy using it too. I bought a couple of Contrast soup dishes to add to my collection, they have a nice straight sided design

I also bought this bowl which was part of the Concept range I hadn't seen before and this splattered design is called Cirrus, it's a matt ceramic with a lovely, velvety feel and gloss inside.

One or two more stalls decked with decorative fauna and flora vases, pin trays, jewellery boxes, mugs and plates, so many items to feast your eyes on and all beautifully presented by society members.

On the Sunday we met again for our AGM which we always follow with an auction of sometimes rare pieces and then we let the public in again to buy more pots.

Here are some pieces from the auction table starting with some of the later items produced by Hornsea Pottery, the Lustre ware range designed by Robin Pavitt.

Some wonderful Muramic decorative plaques by the late great John Clappison and of course his very recognisable Heirloom pots.

Lastly a few nice vase samples, 2 rare ones at the back and the ship on the tall vase is hand painted, I think it went in the auction for about £50.
The eggs you can see on the pic above are some rare test pieces hand painted I think by the late Hornsea designer Alan Luckham, I didn't get a very good look at them though. 

We had a lovely 2 days of nostalgia and for any lovers or collectors of Hornsea out there I can tell you you haven't missed out as there will be another Nostalgia Weekend up at Hornsea Freeport at the August Bank Holiday weekend with an expert from the telly attending on the Monday 25th to do valuations. The event will be bigger and better than last years.

The Hornsea Pottery Collectors' and Research Society is always keen to have new members and it's only £15 per year single (£18 family) with 4 newsletters and a chance to attend meetings and selling events. You can find details on this informative website run by our committee secretary.
We have a Facebook page too, just search Hornsea Pottery Collectors and you'll find some fascinating pictures and information. We tweet too!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Some lovely pieces especially your bowl... very pretty!
Happy weekend,
V xxx

Anne said...

My mum has quite a lot of Hornsea pottery that she collected originally from the 70's. Its very distinctive isnt it?

patty said...

Thanks for your comments, it's good to know other people out there still have Hornsea or enjoy seeing it.

Louise said...

Such fond memories of sunday trips to Hornsea Pottery, and its shop with rows upon rows of pottery to purchase at very reasonable prices.

Helenjean said...

some lovely pottery, and boy do I regret giving away some that had been passed on to me

Unknown said...

If you know of a Hornsea auction, please let me know! Thanks