Sunday, 27 April 2014

York Festival of Vintage

I made it to the Festival of Vintage yesterday. I ummed and aaahed whether to go or was I too busy this year, the weather was not encouraging me to go either as it rained all the way but I threw caution to the wind and went. All wrapped up for a chilly day and no sooner had I parked up and walked across a field to the racecourse and it stopped raining!

I always have a quick look at the vehicles before I go inside and I spotted these lovely vintage caravans and vans.

Off we go inside and the retro displays of loveliness never fail to delight me in reminiscing of old pieces of furniture we had when I was a kid. The little coffee tables with spiky legs, those sideboards with formica tops and sliding louvre style doors.

I then start to spot Hornsea Pottery on stalls and given that I have a bit of knowledge on the value of some of the pieces, they are very highly priced at this event. If anyone is ever on the lookout for Hornsea Pottery at a sensible price the place to go is Hornsea Freeport Nostalgia Day, Aug 25th, '14.

These Bronte storage jars were about £10 - £12 each which is quite high, 4 Heirloom eggcups were £10, also a bit high.

Next we have the black and yellow Hornsea Elegance cruet set, not sure of the total price.

Moving on I found this wonderful stall with some Scandinavian pots, out of my price range!

I loved this next stall, everything was just so groovy, colourful and flower powery and I could've bought any number of things.

There was a Festival of Britain book on this stall, another era of design which I am particularly interested in.

And look at the typewriters, makes my fingers sore just looking at them as I think back to learning typing at school!

I was very restrained with my buying as I was mainly browsing, here's what I got, a tiny little brass brooch with mosaic bits, I need to restore a few missing bits but I liked it for £3.

Only one piece of fabric bought, it's 1960's kitchen cotton and quite a nice size bit.

And for my last picture, embroidered linen. I found one very reasonably priced stall with all their embroidered tray covers £1 each.
A lovely inspiring trip out as always.


lavender attic said...

I was there yesterday too with Laura - sorry we didn't see you! I might post about it later. Thought the £10 entrance was a bit excessive - sure it wasn't that much previously? Some high prices too, I agree with you.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Looks like a lovely colourful event Sally!
Love your brooch and your fabric reminds me so much of curtains we had in our kitchen when I was little. :)
V xxx

mamasmercantile said...

Loved the caravans. The fabric was adorable. I love these vintage fairs you just never know what you are going to find.

Shaheen said...

I'm so pleased you went. Look at what you got to share with us :)