Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter 2014

Hope it's been a lovely Easter for everyone. Ours has been a bit mixed but the sun shone for Bob today so he spruced up his spring yellow bow tie for a trip out.

I've had & still got a bit of cold so have spent the Fri, Sat & Sun inside. Hadn't realised the oil was running so low last week and by Friday the aga was about out and all my Easter cooking and baking plans went out of the window with it. 
Fortunately the oil delivery came on Saturday and by Sunday heat and cooking facilities were restored!

I didn't mind staying in as the weather has been a bit on the grey and chilly side and I'm busy working on a project.

Felt a bit better today and the sun came out so off we went to York. I really wanted to get a picture of Cliffords Tower with daffodils but they had all finished, there are just a few bluebells on this pic.

It's Easter so we indulged in a lovely velvety hot chocolate at Spring Espresso.

There was a bit of a chocolate festival going on in York and some nice looking street food. I love these old Citroen vans, maybe I'll have a quirky van one day for a mobile coffee business.

Made the most of the nice weather with a walk around the city walls which I haven't done for a while.

I love some of the little houses and interesting urban street scenes you see from the walls. I will try to capture some other favourite snaps from different sections of the walls on another visit, the back of the Minster gardens being another favourite stretch.

Finished with a walk back along the river to the car. A lovely day only spoilt by some drizzly rain on arriving back.

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Shaheen said...

The daffs here are pretty much gone too, shame as I wanted to take some pics of them too. I hope your feeling better. I promise I will e mail, just been a tad distracted with small things that end up taking up loads of time. The weather has been strange somewhat, but its good that you had some days to explore.