Sunday, 27 July 2014

Burnby Hall Gardens - summer day out

I hate to say isn't it hot but I sometimes reach the tipping point of too hot to do anything, a bit like too cold to do anything in winter, it really slows me down sitting at the computer. Yet again the house of extremes is making life unbearable right now, because the windows don't open the heat levels are building day upon day. You wouldn't think it would get as hot as it does with the gaps under doors and windows but it has and the stuffiness and lack of air movement is uncomfortable. I have been shutting curtains, which I'm loathe to do as I need the light to work, but it will keep a bit of the mid day heat out. It's actually cooler to make the effort to go out but I've got lots of work on so that's not always possible but I did sneak a lovely trip to Morrisons on Friday as it's air conditioned in there, how sad is that!

Also managed a very nice day out last week as there's not much on the horizon with us for holidays this year. We went to Burnby Hall Gardens in Pocklington, of all my 11 or so years in only living about 14 miles from Pocklington I had never been. I've always wanted to go as its lakes are famous for having the National Collection of Hardy Water Lilies. 

Had we visited on a day with wall to wall sunshine all the water lilies would've been open but it was one of those warm, windy, sunny and cloudy days so the lilies were hiding a bit. It was still a magnificent sight and lovely to wander around.

I don't often have a lot of flower pictures to show on the blog but I went a bit mad capturing some interesting specimens.
I love the ones with an interesting structure, the globes and sea holly are particular favourites.

Below was a variety of white poppy but I couldn't find the name tag, reminded me of a fried egg!

Beautiful, happy marigolds and the largest working rocking horse in Europe.

Half way round and time for the tea room, lots of very yummy scones and cakes, this was my cake, a very lush dark chocolate orange cake.

Refreshed and on to another interesting part of the gardens, a Victorian Stumpery. Similar to a rockery the Victorians created these horticultural oddities by arranging upturned tree roots into artistic formations. Partly for the beauty of the wild plants which will grow amongst the stumps and partly for wildlife to move into.
There were tree carvings included in this stumpery.

I will finish with just a few stuffed animals in the museum which is within the grounds. I'm not sure what I make of stuffed animals generally but ancient ones do have a certain curiosity. 

A very pleasant day and calming for the soul.


Sandies' Patch said...

Lovely day out!
he tall slightly spikey looking flowers are, I think, Perovskia or Russian Sage. The 'poppy' is again, I think a plant called Romneya if I've spelled it correctly!
Both plants are on my 'wanted list'!
Why don't your windows open? I'd hate it if I couldn't get my windows open although, I'm happy to seal them up at the front of the house when it gets colder weather as, although they are modern upvc frames, they don't fit well and are draughty.
The housing association say they are not due for renewal yet, I feel differently!
Hope you get some respite from the

patty said...

Thanks Sandie for the info on the plants which I shall add to my own garden wish list in the future.
Windows, don't ask, lets just say it's an old rented cottage with isn't maintained well by the landlords and the last time the windows were painted they became stuck shut and are too fragile sash windows to force open. I have a desk fan I keep moving from room to room!