Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yellow bikes at Tour de France Grand Depart

You've probably heard that Yorkshire was hosting the Grand Depart for the Tour de France this year and now we've reached Sunday evening it's clear to see it has been a huge success with bigger crowds than I think they expected.

The race was whizzing through York this morning and we ummed and aahed on Friday evening as to whether it would be worth getting up at the crack of dawn to try and see some action. The road and travel reports were giving the impression that most of the route areas would be in lock down for the 2 days so we decided to avoid and watch on telly. Lets face it, I don't like huge crowds and I would not have managed to get to the front to see anything so I think it was the best decision.

Instead we had a lovely stroll around York on Saturday evening to look at the trimmings although I have to say it didn't look as well decked as Harrogate. Here are some of the pics I got, unfortunately I didn't walk by Cliffords Tower and on TV today it looked lovely with bunting around the top.

I did enjoy the aerial views on TV showing many sights I recognised.
The bit that annoys me is over enthusiastic spectators getting in the way of the cyclists, patting them and running alongside, Grrrrrr! Just get out of the way and let them get on with the job.

So pleased the weather was kind and there's been a real buzz all week.

Back to reality and it's chucking it down here this evening :(


Anne said...

Sally I loved seeing all the bunting and bikes everywhere. I hope it gets left for a bit to brighten our little towns and villages. I was amazed how many yellow painted bikes there were about .

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe we've been watching too Sally (Hb is a huge bike fan), it has been a huge success, well done Yorkshire!!
When we had the Giro here a couple of months ago we had pink bikes everywhere but not being a lover of pink I much prefer your yellow bikes!!
V x

patty said...

It was good fun wasn't it and I hope the bikes and bunting stay up a little while longer.

Yes I remember all the pink Giro stuff, it somehow seemed a bit girlie for all those chaps in lycra!!! :)