Friday, 27 March 2009

Fresh from the kiln!

It was pottery last night and I had a few things ready to collect from the kiln.

• Firstly are some plaques and a vase with my Green Man designs.
• Next another flowery design which I made a mold of and created the plaque and 2 vases.

The glazes on these projects have been a bit patchy so I carried out some test tiles which the ones shown here are mostly different oxides, some with a glaze over the oxide.

• The next picture is a pencil holder and a pot to hold brushes, I quite liked the colour these came out.

• The final picture is a figure I did which is on the shelf waiting to go in the kiln. He is a bit tall and wobbly so fingers crossed he doesn't fall over and smash!

This weekend is York Open Studios so I'm hoping to go and see some of the artists and ceramicists at work, I hear there is a print maker worth seeing too so looking forward to being inspired.

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