Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hornsea Pottery Society

The weekend has been filled with wonderful new things to read.
During the first part of the week all my membership bits n pieces arrived to welcome me as a newbie to the Hornsea Pottery Collectors' & Research Society. 
It may sound a bit anoraky but it's great to feel like I'm now part of a group whose aims are to keep the spirit of Hornsea Pottery alive. I have really come to appreciate the groovy designs which they especially produced during the 60's & 70's and have started to gather my own small collection.

We used to have a lot of it in the family at one time with my uncle working there but most of it went to charity shops over the years as it went out of fashion. My collection is mainly bits of Heirloom & Contrast.

In joining the group I had access to buy one copy of the extremely rare and probably never to be printed again book called, Hornsea Pottery 1949-89, its people, processes and products. This is an amazing reference book with almost everything you'd ever want to know and look up about Hornsea pots. My appetite is definitely whetted for attending the AGM next week.

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