Sunday, 29 March 2009

Open Studios - York

I had a few artists lined up to visit in York although only got to one studio because the weather was so foul. What with the wind and rain and the people I had selected seemed to be from one end of the city to another. Anyway the one I did see was excellent and had the most groovy flat filled with a collection of memorabilla and miscellany, (I thought I had a lot of stuff but this guy had packed rooms from floor to ceiling)!
The artist was Mark Hearld and he was doing print making, textiles & some ceramics, really loved his quirky pictures, some lovely lino cut birds and almost New England folk artsy scenes.

Finished off the trip in Borders and got some new books. I wanted the grow your own drugs book from the TV show. Some of the things look great and I quite fancy foraging for any ingredients I can get for free as the seasons come and go.
Also found this book on how to recycle sweaters and as I have been doing a bit of that recently this book will provide some new ideas to turn more old jumpers into new things.

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