Wednesday, 12 August 2009

4 Kanzashi flowers

I've been watching more Kanzashi flower videos and I think after my first pink and white one I'm getting better at forming the petals.

If you are inspired to have a go take a look at this website as Corinne has some easy to follow tutorials on making the flowers, and some other good stuff too.

I've now done 4 flowers, I particularly like one fabric combination which I have shown on it's own, it's some really nice oriental fabric bought in Scarborough.


CorinneCanCraft said...

They look wonderful!!

patty said...

Hi Corinne, pleased you could stop by my blog. I got there with the flowers thanks to your very easy to follow tutorials.
I've done 5 petal flowers which is how i first started out with the magazine article but next I'll try 6 petals.
Happy Friday!