Saturday, 1 August 2009

Lissett Wind Farm - Open Day

After a brief visit to the straw cottage it was off to the official opening of the wind farm.
The weather wasn't brilliant but I managed to get a few photos before the heavens opened halfway through the afternoon.

The turbines were even bigger than they look from the road which I suppose is a fairly obvious statement but I think they are some of the biggest in the country. I even got to stand inside one and it was pretty noisy but not from the propellers it was the cooling fans inside it making all the noise.

I got to meet the lady from Novera who was absolutely lovely and they'd put on an excellent display with lots of freebies for people to take away, even Yorkshire tea as it was Yorkshire Day!

There were some cute dogs entering in the doggy events, a few long haired breeds scuttled off with their dog jackets on when it started to chuck it down.
Also visited the memorial to 158 Squadron which is shown in my pics.
Despite the weather it's been a great afternoon getting up close to the turbines etc.

Now back to labelling my craft things for the show tomorrow.

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