Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New to my Hornsea collection

This is my 100th post, I'm surprised I've kept it up & into 3 figures but it's a great way of keeping a record of things.

I've just been cleaning my latest Hornsea finds which I picked up all in the same charity shop in Driffield last week. It's a selection of cups, saucers & side plates in Heirloom, Saffron & Palatine. I didn't have any Palatine so I was quite chuffed to find these and all of them are in excellent condition. I'm going to enjoy sipping tea in them!


Blossom said...

Hooray for your 100th! I so look forward to your blog - although it makes me feel quite lazy - how DO you manage to pack in doing so many things?!
Next 100 please.....

patty said...

Hi Groover,
It's amazing what you can pack in when work's gone a bit quiet!
I'm guessing my 200th blog birthday will be about next April.