Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas food

The festive meal finally came together in the form of a few Indian dishes, one newly invented which I will call 'Sprout Aloo', it was based on Sag Aloo but without as much spinach and the addition of course of sprouts and chestnuts. Also seen in the balti dishes are cauliflower & coconut curry and a tarka dahl, served with cardamom rice.
Turned out quite tasty and plenty left for some reheating at a later date.

A few hours passed before the M&S christmas pud came out, wasn't that impressed. I bought the luxury one but found it a bit bitter and I don't like finding raisins with seeds in. The moral here is I will have to make the effort to make my own next year and control the seedless raisins!

Visiting the folks tomorrow so have just finished this flower brooch for part of my mums pressie.

Will probably have a few light nibbles later but apart from that I guess that's me more or less done for another Christmas. I think when you work for yourself and one day is pretty much like another and when you don't have any kids around, it really is just another day but with different food.
Hey ho! Merry Christmas all.

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