Thursday, 24 December 2009

Festive Greetings on Christmas Eve

I'm trying to feel festive, I had a glass of mulled wine and got a few trimmings out. It is just a few trimmings as most of my decorations live in boxes, ready to leap out kicking and screaming in full blown sparklyness when that glorious day comes and I have a house to call my own again!

I really will have to start thinking about food soon although it's been too cold to muster up any enthusiasm for cooking or food preparation in a kitchen which is only 14 degrees at the moment. I usually do some sort of christmas meal which involves chestnuts, mushrooms, & pastry but the plan is to be a little more exotic this year and prepare some Indian dishes.
Haven't had time to make any puddings so have succumbed to an M&S pud. Have also got a back up veggie haggis incase all goes pear-shaped.

If anyone out there is as sad as me on a computer today then I wish you a very jolly Christmas!

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