Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Driffield Show today but I went to Hornsea

I've not been involved with Driffield show this year. ERA were not having a stand this time so no chance of helping & getting a free ticket. Decided against entering any food or handicrafts as I came to realise last year that it seems to be the same people who win year after year, not that I'm cynical or anything!
I also don't think any of my usual friends who have stalls were attending although a couple of my food producing customers are there and one has been nominated for a farm diversification award, Gold From the Wold (cold pressed rapeseed oil) so I hope they do well.

Instead I went to Hornsea and had some treatment at the dentist, nice eh! It was a bit bleak and gusty first thing as you can see from the photo but this afternoon has turned into a scorcher.
I visited the Lions charity shop and got some fab vintage purple flower fabric (currently in the washer), a groovy Butterick pattern for a tunic, some knitting needles and a couple of mini milk jugs for the cafe I might have one day..... and all for £2.

Hornsea wouldn't be complete without a quick look around Freeport and I got some mishaped Thorntons chocs and this groovy little fob watch. I'm not keen on watches on my wrist, always difficult for working and generally uncomfortable in summer so this fob should do the trick. I used to wear a silver chain fob years ago, this one is much more up to date and the red casing is a lovely rubbery material.

Arrived home and still lots of cars everywhere around the showground so should be a tad chaotic in about an hour when it packs up.

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