Thursday, 29 July 2010

Today is good - I won a competition!

I entered a craft competition in one of the sewing magazines back in May and you had to make a fabric cupcake, donut, gateaux etc. Anyway I have a few of my cupcake pincushions in my craft stock which I was going to enter but in the end I thought I'd make a new one and try to improve on my past attempts. The result was my Smartie bun, a subject I know very well!

Today the 10 winners were announced and and with fingers crossed I saw my name on the list. It's so exciting, I've won a goodie bag which has over £100 worth of craft books & items. I'm trying to contain the excitement as they reckon it could be a few weeks before the prizes are dished out.


Blossom said...

well done you!!! looks delish too!

patty said...

Thanks ever so.