Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wales 3 - architecture

This post shows some of the interesting buildings I came across during my exploration of south west Wales. I'll start with the holiday cottage, a lovely converted barn where you'll see solar panels on the second photo. It was light, bright and contemporary inside.

Not far from the cottage is the lighthouse at Strumble Head and you can get on part of the coastal path which is great walking in terms of views and not too challenging under foot.

Found an interesting, sustainable building at the Welsh Wildlife Centre, where I previously mentioned the roof top cafe under food post.

Going way back in time we next have the magnificent St. Davids cathedral. The local stone has almost a mauvey colour to it and the building was so huge I could hardly get back far enough to get it all in one shot. Very impressive from what I saw outside but didn't go inside as it was fairly late in the day.

I don't normally show people photos but this one of my friends is really to show Misty the dog on our walk around the ruins of Ogmore Castle.

My friends also took me to the tiny hamlet of Merthyr Mawr with all its picturesque thatched cottages. It seemed more reminiscent of Devon than south Wales but it was very pretty and like stepping back through time.

In the same vicinity was Ewenny Priory, seen looking very dramatic here.

The final picture on this post is the reserve and wardens house on Skomer Island. I went on a wildlife cruise and saw the puffins, seals and some porpoises. The island will only allow 250 people per day to land and I was unable to do that so settled for the cruise around the island. It was very packed on the boat and not easy for taking photos with so many heads in the way looking at the puffins.

My most colourful architectural posts will follow!

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