Monday, 26 July 2010

Hydroponics & other crops

Here's the latest update from the windowsill and the garden crops.

Hydroponic lettuce going well and some of the plants looking like lettuce trees! The peppers in the acorn pot have started flowering last week and seem to be performing fine and as expected.
The weird thing is the hydroponic tomatoes which are still getting taller and haven't produced flowers yet. It smells like a tomato when you touch the leaves but I'm starting to think it won't produce tomatoes. Anyway I shall leave it and observe.

The tomatoes outside are doing better and I've got plenty of fruit on them. 
Another surprise was the bean plants, they had started to look a bit limp & yellowy and only just flowering, however when I looked closely I've got beans about 10cm long! It's as if they've popped up over night without me even seeing them start off small. I'm not so worried about the yellowy plant now it has the beans because the beans are yellow pod beans.

The potatoes in the bag are more than ready to harvest I'm sure but due to being without the oven again, it's been off 2 weeks today and waiting for the Aga man to service it, I only have a small camping stove to cook on so want to leave the potatoes until I can cook them properly.

I'll finish with food for free. The cherry tree just outside the garden has a few branches leaning in here so I've managed to get a few cherries before the blackbirds scoff the lot. They are very small and sweet and rather like black grapes in flavour.

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