Friday, 8 October 2010

Dalby Forest - N. Yorks

I had the pleasure of escaping my desk for a few hours yesterday afternoon to visit Dalby Forest. It was such a lovely sunny afternoon after all the dreary weather we've had recently.  I hadn't been since the new visitor centre had been built, it was quite an impressive building with a great view from the Tree Tops cafe.

I have to say the refreshments I had were not brilliant. The least offensive sounding coffee on the list was an americano so I went for that but it was nothing short of an over-boiled and watered down nescafe type offering so most of it got left. My cookie wasn't great either, it was apple & cinnamon and it had that sort of sweet but sharp, processed taste which didn't sit well together so I left half of that too. It's always a shame with these sorts of places, they are in such picturesque settings but I often find the eateries let them down which is a pity. They have a captive audience and yet the food is pretty ordinary and not the sort of groovy, organic, wholefoody stuff which I'd expect.
Still, view was nice from the cafe.

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