Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Seaside poster competition - reveal

Back in June I entered a competition to design a seaside poster for Coast magazine. The idea was to take inspiration from the travel posters of the past and create your modern day version of a coastal spot which means something to you.

This is exactly the type of design work I enjoy so I had to enter, even though it cost me a bit as they wanted  a print outputting at 70cm x 50cm so having only got an A4 printer I had to pay for a large one off print.
I did one of my digital collages of Spurn Point, some bits hand drawn and used some of my photos, see below.
Of course you get no confirmation that they receive your work so you just live in hope until they announce the winner (and hopefully they are sending the artwork back).

So, it's 4 months later and the 3 winners have been revealed in the current Nov issue of Coast, and guess what, I wasn't one of them!  Damn & drat, curses!!!
However, it's not all doom and gloom because on their website they have uploaded a gallery of the top 10 and I'm delighted to say I came in the top 10. I have to say that I actually prefer some of the runners up to the winning 3, no sour grapes intended, just my personal opinion, probably cause I'm a fan of the traditional style of travel poster.

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