Sunday, 17 October 2010

York - Vintage Fair & Coffee

It's not been the best fortnight ever what with work & stress levels running high, health issues and generally feeling miserable as the weather turns cold and there's the prospect of a long 6 months before spring is on the horizon again.

So with that in mind I ended this week on a good note by visiting the Vintage Fair in York today. I found the most amazing fabric / haberdashery stall where a lady had some rolls of fabric in excellent condition and reasonably priced. I bought the very groovy 1960's floral barkcloths and the 1970's blue & green fabric is a thick cotton, all these were £5 a metre. The 1940's fabric is more of a sateen and it cost £6 a metre.
This lady is going to be at a vintage fair in Ilkley towards the end of the month, well worth going if you like vintage fabric.

Finished off the day by purchasing a bag of Has Beans new espresso Kicker blend at the wonderful Harlequin Coffee house. I can't wait to try this blend as I follow the antics of Steve who runs Has Bean on his website and blog and Kicker is supposed to be quite special.

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