Monday, 4 October 2010

Fabric & Pencils in Cumbria

Have just been cataloguing my latest fabric purchases in Cumbria. There's a great shop in Keswick called Textures and I got the top shot of fabric from there. They now have a website since my last visit which is

I also visited Orton Grange farm shop which has a quilting place, Quiltessentials, also very nice fabric but not as cheap as my favourite shop in Scarborough.

Then there are pictures of a couple of pieces I got at a charity shop in Carlisle for just 50p.

My real bargain on this trip was when visiting another one of my favourite places in Keswick, The Pencil Museum. I stocked up on a few more Inktense pencils and I noticed a beautiful wooden pencil box which seemed very cheap. It was the only one of its kind and looked like it should've been about £20 but had the price £9 on it. Odd I thought, as a tiny box less than half its size was priced at £9. I thought I'd take it to the counter and if it rings through at more I'm not having it. Joy of joys it rang through at the £9 price but the lady on the till let slip it had the wrong price on but I could have it anyway. It was one of those lucky right time, right place situations so I was very grateful. I have enjoyed sorting my pencil stash into it, didn't think I'd fill it but I have.

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