Saturday, 20 November 2010

Affordable Art

I visited a craft fair at the Steiner School in York this morning and saw some really nice & groovy gifts for sale. I was sussing out what sort of things seemed to be selling well in order to try and guess which of my craft things I take most of to next weeks craft fair. 

Also went in The Gift Gallery on the Shambles which is a fairly new gallery for local crafts and had a quick chat with the owner so I might approach them with some stock as they seem to do a fair bit of textile jewellery.

Tomorrow is the ERA festive social at Gallery 49 and also the preview of the Affordable Art show. I have done a couple of pieces. They are textile collages of butterflies & dragonflies, loosely based on those traditional victorian butterfly collections in boxed frames. The butterfly picture is done with all vintage fabrics whereas the dragonfly uses some new fabric.

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