Friday, 26 August 2011

Caffeine fueled crafting!

What a frustrating day yesterday, the router went funny and so I lost the internet for most of the day.
Never mind, it was a good excuse to tear myself away from the keyboard and do some crafting. 

I was reading some graphic design blog recently which talked about how creative people mainly use the right side of the brain. This guy talked about how sometimes when you start to feel creative burn out, the best thing to do is try to stop thinking creatively, rest the right side and go off and use the left side of the brain. What he said made a lot of sense to me, right side thinkers are often impatient, they skim read, they stay away from numbers and logic, all that kind of thing. He recommended trying things like soduko, puzzles, crosswords, proper reading rather than skimming, writing, origami, etc. All these activities will help the left side and will complement your thought process when you go back to the creative work.

Interestingly enough, I bought 2 new craft books when I was in the Lakes, and one is Origami Jewellery. I decided I'd give it a go after lunch.

Settled down to a snack at lunchtime and popped the telly on ready for the news as I wanted to see the Steve Jobs stories. Well how spooky this was, on a programme before the news (Lets Do Lunch with Gino & Mel) I thought I know that face and voice... it was Youri who I did my barista training with. He was showing them how to do some latte art and he did great considering it must have been quite scary getting your milk texture perfect under pressure in front of the cameras. After I'd seen Youri I felt quite frustrated that my latte art isn't brilliant so I popped the machine on, texturised some milk and indulged in a couple of cappuccinos. I was quite pleased with my latte art hearts, I think it's probably the best I've done to date.

Back to the origami. I spent ages chopping and folding an old map, I thought I was soon to be at the stage of assembling all these little pieces but having folded them, I now need to unfold and add some blobs of glue. That's where I'm currently at so I haven't got a result yet, and as you can see the internet is back so might be a few days before I reveal the brooch I'm making.

I hope the weather improves for the bank holiday as it is the Hornsea Pottery Nostalgia weekend which I'm visiting tomorrow. Followed by a new crafty market I'm also hoping to see over the weekend.
Hope everyone has a good few days off. And to leave with one final scary thought, this is the last bank holiday before Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

I admire your patience with the origami, love the hearts but please Sally don't mention the 'C' word!!!
Vivienne x