Saturday, 6 August 2011

New coffee experience in York

A couple of days ago I found out that my favourite coffee and tea house in York (Harlequin) were to open up their attic space to offer a new experience, coffee, beer and good food in the aptly named Attic Gallery Coffee Bar. 
This was music to my ears, I'm not so much interested in the beer but York really lacks anywhere to go for a coffee on an evening so this is a great idea. 

The weather was so foul today that I probably wouldn't have bothered going to York but when I heard the 'tweet' that the legendary Steve from Has Bean (who supply Harlequins lovely beans) was going to be visiting I thought it would be a great chance to maybe say hi and check out the new set up.

The attic space was lovely with harlequin coloured velvet cushions, I'll get an interior shot next visit as it was quite busy. Gordon, owner and expert barista, was at the helm and the place had a good atmosphere. I hadn't noticed Has Bean Steve until I clocked the red shoes on the person at the next table and it was mr & mrs Has Bean, how spooky! We had ordered a brewed coffee in a Chemex and it was Steve who did the prep which lead to a fascinating chat about all things coffee. I can honestly say that Steve is as passionate about coffee when you meet him as he comes across in his video blogs.
Gordon very kindly gave us a complimentary brew of another varietal which I can't remember the origin but as described by Steve, full of cherries and red berry flavourings with intense acidity. Wow, there's just so much to coffee when you meet the people who really know their stuff.

Had a really nice afternoon and I hope the bar does well for Harlequin, can't wait to visit again. It is open on Thurs, Fri & Saturdays, here's the link for their opening hours, well worth a visit if you love your coffee and I hear the beer is pretty good too.

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