Friday, 26 August 2011

Selina the Stoat!

Every now and again I see a stoat, once I saw 2 together doing that mad dance of the stoats you see them doing on wildlife programmes. I love watching them.

It had been quite a few months since seeing a stoat, which was odd as there are so many rabbits about, but in the last few weeks I think I've seen the stoat at least once a week. I have decided to call the stoat Selina after one of my friends. Selina the stoat, like my friend Selina is a little bit crazy and not very good with directions. The stoat seems to be doing this crazy zig zagging up and down to and fro at the moment. Starts partly climbing a tree then comes back down, back up, all a bit mad really!

Needless to say all this happens so quickly that I never have time to go and get my camera, I just enjoy watching the moment.

Today, whilst I've been sat doing my origami looking out into the garden I saw a bush move. Wasn't sure if it was the rain drops causing the leaf movement, ... no, it was Selina the stoat dashing across the garden, back and forth like a mad thing again. Fortunately I had my camera to hand so jumped up to the window for a better view and unfortunately saw what she was excited about.
I hope this isn't too gruesome for a blog post. She had a dead blackbird, fortunately it was well and truly dead and she did that thing cats do, playing with it and tossing it in the air. All quite bizarre, these are the best pictures I got before she eventually dragged it into the bushes. Not sure if it got eaten as she was up the garden wall and off again a few mins later.

Seem to be strange things happening here at the moment. The worst is mice returning in the loft.
Also found about 5 large eggs not in a nest but right next to the house, too big for  a small bird but a bit odd if they are something like a duck. Anyway one day there were 5, now something has moved them about a bit and there are 2, whether this is stoat activity again I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

I do love to see wild animals, I just wish they didn't have to kill other animals!!
Why can't everyone and everything be veggie!!!!
Vivienne x