Thursday, 7 November 2013

Crafting, thrifting & buying whilst in Scotland

I've reached the point were it's getting uncomfortably cold in this room I work and blog in so I'm slowing up with postings or anything that involves sitting at the desk and typing on a night. Instead I seem to be gravitating towards any slight heat source and crocheting!

(Note to self, must dig out all my thermal vests and long johns which I neatly packed away during those glorious summer weeks!)

As I'm sure a lot of you crafty people will understand, it's very difficult to go on holiday away from all your lovely craft stash, and not take something to do on an evening or during a long car journey. 
When I went to Scotland the other week I was in frantic making mode as things needed to go to galleries on my return so I took plenty to do. And it was great, the hotel room was warm and well lit, something I don't have here and so I was quite productive.

I crocheted this scarf in some very weird, fluffy mohair type wool which I just never seemed to get round to making as it knots easily but it is finished and lovely and light weight yet warm.

I also rattled out a few granny squares in a cotton thread, these will be another scarf, as yet unfinished!

Stuff I needed to finish for galleries were the batch of brooches below which have now mostly gone to Gallery 49 and Art & Rose with one or two left for my folksy shop.

Somewhere I visited which was a real inspiration, full of wonderful books was the WaterMill at Aberfeldy, seen below. It's got such an amazing choice of books, it is a gallery and tea room also.

Needless to say I didn't leave the mill empty handed, I bought these beautiful greeting cards.

and, this fabulous paper crafting book.

One gallery / shop which I viewed from outside (shut on the day I visited) was Boo Vake in Perth. It looked great, it has a website for online buying.

You can't go to Edinburgh and avoid tartan and kilt shops, I just love the smell of the wool and the beautiful plaids and tweeds, can't get enough of it.

Here's my little tartan purchase, a purse and butterfly brooch. I have since embellished some twiddly bits on the brooch.

Lastly, on a trip to Fort William it was noticeable how many charity shops had sprung up since my last visit a few years ago. It is always interesting checking out charity shops in a different part of the country, I still think some of my best finds and cheap finds have been in Welsh charity shops.

I found this M&S cable knit waistcoat, it's a really nice dark purple blue shade.

And I couldn't resist this necklace that looks like sweeties!

End of my trip.

I better make the most of the sun and warmth today, I think I am doing one last festive craft fair before the year is out so lots to cut and stitch!


lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
Love your granny squares! Did you see Gallery 49 featured in Coast magazine - best coastal galleries feature? I am in Hornsea this weekend with my friends, will be checking out the charity shops!

Louise said...

It is cold now, I too find myself keeping warm and knitting by the fire. I love Edinburgh lucky you to be visiting it, the paper crafting book looks interesting.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely crochet Sally and your brooches are as always brilliant and unusual!
Glad you had a worthwhile trip to Scotland!
Keep cosy!
V xxx

Anne said...

I love to check out the Charity Shops wherever we go and have had some great buys. I do think prices are creeping up over in the UK but we did some CS shopping in US in september and their prices were much lower.
You are always a busy little bee arent you Sally?! Enjoy your weekend.

patty said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments, excellent news that Gallery 49 is in Coast magazine. :)