Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Nearly time to reveal what I've been creating

I've been keeping an exciting project under my hat for a few months now but it's nearly time to let rip which is a relief. I think I started this back in those warm sunny days of July, I worked on this idea whilst stuck in the house waiting the 12 weeks it took the roofers to turn up and do the work.
But anyway some good came out of it because my perseverance with sending press releases to magazines finally bore fruit when Mollie Makes took up my idea.

The idea is a festive 'doll' tutorial (can you guess what it is?) which I can show you just a sneak preview of below. I think for any Mollie Makes subscribers they are already seeing the winter issue arrive this week, according to a friend who has it, but I don't subscribe so I've not seen it yet. Publication date for hitting the shops is 22nd so I'll have to wait until Friday before I can reveal more photos.

The suspense is almost killing me to see how it turned out or what photos they used as it is quite heavy on detail and I had to edit a fair bit.
Back with more pics in a day or two. :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well done you, being published in Mollie Makes, wow!!
I'm guessing, because I know you like them, a Nutcracker!
Many congratulations,
V xxx

patty said...

Hi V, thank you so much, you've guessed right. :)

Anne said...

I cant wait until all is properly revealed Sally! You are a talented lady thats for sure.

patty said...

Thanks Anne, if I can get hold of the magazine tomorrow all will be revealed!