Friday, 29 November 2013

Harris Tweed Nutcracker & my festive giveaway

Since my nutcracker dolls were featured in Mollie Makes magazine I have had lots of new Twitter followers and increased traffic to my Folksy shop which has been great.

I think I'm nearly all nutcrackered out but I wanted to challenge myself to make one final doll in one of my favourite types of fabric, Harris Tweed.

Some years ago a bloggy friend who used to live on Harris, gave me a bag of scraps for crafting and using the scraps was my challenge. My colour palette was limited to what scraps I had in a big enough size to use but eventually he started to take shape.

And here he is all finished, let me introduce you to Nutcracker King, Baron Von Stornoway.

I even found some plain black tweed for the boots and hat, but not quite enough for the back of the hat so it's in the herringbone.

A true Scotsman had to have fiery red hair and a sporran!

I'm quite pleased with how he has turned out because the tweed is quite tricky to sew with for the smaller embellishments.

So as we approach the festive season I think it is time to draw a veil over my nutcracker making and I would like to celebrate having my tutorial in print by holding a festive giveaway on the blog.
The gift will be a handmade surprise and all you need to do is leave me a Harris Tweed themed comment, eg. have you ever made anything in tweed or have you bought a tweed garment?

Let me have your comments by midnight Friday 6th Dec and then I can send the gift in good time. You will need to check back at the blog to see if you won.

Have a good weekend everyone.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well do you know I have never had anything in Harris Tweed or ever used it to make anything either!
I love your tweedy Nutcracker though. I'm really pleased your Mollie Makes feature has helped your business! :)
Happy weekend,
V xxx

Plain Jane said...

Oooh that must have been a nightmare trying to get all the details done in the tweed - well done! Great article in MM and glad to hear it has improved your business. Would love to know what else have you used your tweed scraps for? Have a great weekend x Jane

lavender attic said...

I had some wool tweed I bought from Fabworks in Dewsbury, I used it to applique a Christmas pud on a stocking!

Gill said...

I've never made anything from Harris Tweed but I'd love to!
Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

Anne said...

Sally it is amazing. Well done on being featured in Mollie Makes. You are very talented. I dont think I have ever used any tweed for anything but I have a pair of tweed trousers!!

katie skeoch said...

A few years ago I picked up a Harris Tweed coat at a thrift shop, I added some embroidery to it and it's so unique; I get loads of comments when I wear it!!
As a Scottish Lassie I think Baron Von Stornoway is fab :)

Twiggy said...

Wow he is gorgeous. A friend of mine gave me a piece of Harris tweed last year to make a scarf. However, I'm just back from the country living fair and full of inspiration, I'm now wondering if I could make a teeny cushion instead :)

Christina Macleod said...

Wow what a fab make!! very different too I love it.

My family and I are Harris Tweed weavers. I don't make anything with the cloth but do love seeing what other make with the ones we weave :) xx

alabaster cheeks said...

Im a tweedaholic
Love your creations

patty said...

It's lovely reading all your tweedy comments, it looks like whether we've sewn with it or not, we all pretty much love the stuff. How fabulous to have a weaver visit my blog too, I am in awe of your skills :)

Karen Reyburn said...

oh my goodness i love this!!! So clever, and a combination of two things I love dearly at Christmastime (Scotland and the Nutcracker)! I was on the Isle of Lewis and bought a genuine Harris Tweed handbag at a charity shop find ever! Gave it to a friend in America and she loves it.

Have a very happy Christmas!!

Heather L. said...

Wow! Your nutcracker is just amazing! I love how you used the tweed!

Shaheen said...

I love this. You are so so talented. I am always surprised to learn more about you and see different sides to you. Last year my husband purchased me a handmade dress made from recycles fabric from a vintage shop in Abergavenny,Wales its almost cerise berry in colour. I wore it last Christmas. I think I was feeling a bit nostalgic for Scotland, plus it was kind of cosy to wear.

So proud of you appearing in the Mollie Makes magazine. More good things to come, let us wish x

Helenjean said...

A completely new use for Harris Tweed, I love your nutcracker, he is so much a part of a traditional Christmas celebration.

Terry Raymond Lynch said...

Cool blog. Love the tweed. I have harris tweed clad earphones I take everywhere with me :)