Friday, 15 November 2013

It's what it says on the tin - a nice week in November!

Whilst we talk tins, have you seen these?

I found them lurking in the soup section of the supermarket (that sounds a bit obvious right!).
I like packaging as you may know, so I was quite excited to see the wonderful colour concoctions on these limited edition Warhol tins.

For the middle of November we have been quite lucky with bright and chilly days this week, the sun has kept me going during the day but the nights are getting very cold here, even now the heating is on. 
I have the electric blanket in operation, and then I'm bulking up the quilt with an extra one as they say it will be colder next week and all my thermals are ready to layer up into, oh what joy!

I have some new fat quarters, purchased the other day from the fabric shop in Scarborough.

By mid week I was transported back in time when I met up with one of my old college tutors. Such is the power of t'internet, my art teacher from Leeds Poly days had come across my name on Linkedin and got in touch as he lives not too far from me now. How spooky was that, I hadn't seen him for 28 years (heck that makes me feel old) but it was really good to catch up and reminisce.

I've also been crocheting frantically, I'm churning out some wrist warmers as they are quick to do and good for using up scraps. They will probably go in my Folksy shop as I'm trying to get it well stocked for the festive season.

I did a crochet collar, you can't really see here but I used some interesting cotton yarn which had sparkly bits in it.

I will finish off a good week with a trip to York tomorrow as my barista training certificates have arrived for collection, yippee!

Have a good weekend everyone.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I haven't seen those soup tins, I must have a look!
Gorgeous fabrics and I love your wrist warmers!!
Happy weekend Sally,
V xxx

Anne said...

I dont really buy tinned soup but how cool are those limited edition tins? It would be nice just to have some on display Sally.