Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fabric & buttons

One of the perks of being self employed is being able to visit shops during the week and by that I mean shops and places which are usually busy on a Saturday and best avoided.

So today I went to the fabric shop in Scarborough and being a wet day I thought it should be fairly quiet and it wasn't bad. (Every time I leave Scarborough I seem to spot another shop which I'll have to visit another time and today I spotted shop called Vintage Junky which looked to have some very groovy stuff in as I glanced whilst stuck at traffic lights.)

I had a very good rummage in the fabric shop and treated myself to these pieces and I also found the very groovy buttons you can see. The shop is just an amazing place, people seem to come from far and wide to visit it.

This was my treat for the week as I have a hard days labouring ahead of me tomorrow. I am going to help my friend who is building a straw bale cottage as she needs some painting doing. Haven't seen the cottage since I went in the very early stages to help with a bit of building so really looking forward to seeing it as it's nearing completion.

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