Monday, 20 July 2009

Vintage Fair - York

Yesterday I went to the Vintage Fair in York which was an event full of vintage fashion, homewares and textiles. I went with great expectations of finding lots of groovy vintage fabric but was a little disappointed as it was mainly clothes, shoes & handbags. Some of the garments weren't that vintage as I saw 2 things which I still have in my wardrobe and I still wear, or maybe that's just me being an ageing hippy!
The more unusual clothes were quite expensive.

There were a few bits of fabric but they were the sort of 1980's flowery quilt covers you find in charity shops and a few old tablecloths. I was determined to buy something as I'd paid to get in so I got this which was about the most groovy piece I saw and I think it's either a tablecloth or curtains and it's a bit patchy but I can cut bits from it.
It was interesting but I think the best finds are still the charity shops and textile auctions.

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