Sunday, 2 May 2010

Boundary Cottage Eco Bakery - Burniston

A friend of mine had mentioned this place to me, where the lady makes bread in her shed, and it sounded intriguing so as I was in the Scarborough area yesterday I went to find it.
It's only about 10 mins north of Scarborough and very easy to find as they put a blackboard out on the main road in Burniston to say it's open.

The bakery is just open on a Thursday and Saturday, from 2pm.

You walk past the cottage at the front with its lovely flower boxes and down the driveway, past the piles of logs, to the bakehouse in the shed. 
Open the door and the heat and wonderful smell hits you, this is quite some shed! Inside is a fabulous wood burning bread oven, the shed is like a delightful little country cottage and the tables are lined with the mornings baking of breads, muffins, cakes, brownies etc.
The lady is most welcoming and encourages you to sample her wares, so with no further ado I dived in happily to some green olive bread, marmalade & apple cake, banana muffins, fresh strawberry muffins... yum! yum! It was all quite delicious and I look forward to visiting again sometime.

You can even have a tea or coffee too, well worth a visit.

Here are the pictures and the baking I bought.

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