Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hydroponic windowsill crops

Returning to the subject of growing salad stuffs hydroponically, I have now set up a floating raft system for lettuce & rocket, and a couple of surplus tomatoes which wouldn't fit in the baskets outside have been put in a homemade hydroponic windowsill pot.

The floating raft has a small water pump adding oxygen to the water for the plants and liquid nutrients are carefully measured into the trough. The lettuce roots grow through clay balls which take up the water and nutrients from the trough. Hopefully in about 3 weeks they will be cropping on a cut and come again basis to keep me supplied through summer.

The tomatoes are suspended in 'Gold' growing medium which can be bought along with the nutrients etc from the hydroponicum website. I have a piece of wicking in the bottom of the pot which goes into the saucer and takes up the water & nutrients which are topped up on a day to day basis. This is a homemade and adapted plastic pot so we'll see if it works and whether the plants are getting enough moisture with the saucer not holding a huge amount of liquid.

Will show the progress of the plants as it becomes noticeable.

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