Thursday, 20 May 2010

Textile exams over!

It's good to finish the exams although I didn't complete one of my projects. The neck piece with the crochet circles is taking more time to stitch than I expected, the picture you see of it here is where I got to in the exam so I will need to finish it at some point. I am cutting the holes away from the backing felt in the centre of each circle so that's a bit fiddly also but I think the lacy / holey effect will be worth it.

I did finish the purse with my embellished plants on the front and my own designed fabric on the back. I'm calling it a 'pod' purse as it is effectively a case for holding things, like a seed pod.

I think we will be expected to do some sort of written work following on from the exams and then hopefully in the month that remains I can catch up on some techniques I never got to try.

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