Thursday, 20 May 2010

I think summer has arrived!

I think it's fair to say it's feeling summery. When I went to Brid the air was heavy with the scent of rapeseed flowers, there seem to be more yellow fields than ever this year or maybe it just looks that way and more colourful as we've had such a long winter.

Today is the first time the thermometer in the house has reached 20 degrees during the daytime since about last summer, it didn't even hit that with the central heating on in winter. I should enjoy it whilst it lasts as we are only a month away from mid summers day and then the nights take off again and then I start thinking and worrying that cold weather is only a few months away!

On a more cheery note I have taken the plunge and thrown caution to the rats ruining my plans to grow things last year and I have planted some growing bags with potatoes, shallots, beans and cherry tomatoes which are coming along a treat outside.
Inside I have just started some peppers which I'm growing hydroponically in an acorn pot, all bought a couple of years ago when visiting the wonderful hydroponicum in North West Scotland.
Hope to get some salad leaves going in a floating hydro system soon, have a look at their site if you are interested in growing such things on a small scale indoors.

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