Friday, 21 May 2010

A hot day at Sledmere

It certainly was warm today at my Art In The Garden slot up at Sledmere. I did a lot of wandering around the grounds looking for inspiration but it was still a bit early for things to be blooming in the gardens, so whilst there was lots of greenery & beautiful trees, not so many flowers which I was wanting to paint. Anyway I got plenty of photos to work from and I found this very bizarre pink flying cow on a ceiling in the chapel!

Went to see friends in the Triton Gallery and have some of their work to show you here. Potter friend Penny has some new and wonderful English Setter sculptures, really enhanced by the amazing smoke firing crackle glaze effect.

Selina had her animal portraits as well as all these fabulous new collages of beach finds. She turns these bits of rubbish, collected on the beaches around Hornsea, into such unusual artworks.

Also exhibiting was Steve Dove who paints vibrant scenes of East Yorkshire and the coast, I really like his work. I don't think Steve has a website so not able to add a link. Their work is on display for another week.

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