Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Latest textile work in Gallery 49 exhibition

Hello dear readers, I'm not doing very well at keeping up to date with blog posts or checking out your blogs at the moment, shame on me. My excuse is I've been swamped with 'proper' design work and that has to take priority to my arty crafty things.

I've found a few minutes to upload my latest textile work which is currently on display in the Menagerie exhibition at Gallery 49, Bridlington. There are some really super pieces of work and lots of prints by Mark Hearld but here is the link, it's on until end of June.

I recorded the progress of my artwork as I built up the layers so here is the timeline for anyone interested.

With invisible fabric pens I drew a face onto some thick canvas and began machine stitching the features, my intention with this piece was to keep the face as simple and uncoloured as possible, all the drama and colour was going to occur in her hair.
Did I say the piece is called Butterfly Girl.

Happy with the face I then used painted newsprint leaves stitched down for the hair.

I copied some victorian butterflies onto newsprint to add in the background. To give some texture I scrunched green bits of organza fabric and stitched it down.
To enhance the pale face I painted the background with some Derwent Inktense pencils. And then some more colour, time to stitch on 3D butterflies which are mostly from my own butterfly print fabric.
I had a lovely piece of vintage fabric to form a dress.

Almost there and nothing would be complete without a lovely doilly, so here it is for the collar!
The final icing on the cake which you might just make out are some small butterflies protruding on wires for that extra bit of 3D effect, flying round her hair.

Of course once the picture is complete I don't usually stop there. I took some photos and had a play around with the sun and the natural light in the background and it brings out some interesting effects because you can see all my stitches and strands in the background.

Back to work again, burning the midnight oil at the moment!


Shaheen said...

Oh I love LOVE this one much more, dare I say than the previous one I fell in love with. I may have to commission You to make me one of these just for me. My husband will tell you that I love dragonflys and butterflys. Good to see you busy x

patty said...

Hi Shaheen, thank you so much for the lovely comment, this is my first attempt at something like this so I think there is room for improvement. I had hoped to create 2 pieces of work for this particular exhibition but didn't have time, the other was going to be a man and keeping the animal theme he would have a fish moustache and birds in his hair, it may still happen!
I love butterflies and dragonflys too and I sold a quite nice little dragonfly picture the other year, see blog post below if interested
cheers, Sally x

BeckyWise. said...

Wow, your textile work is wonderful! You are so talented and I love the butterflies in her hair! - becky Xx

patty said...

Aw thanks Becky, lovely things butterflies aren't they.