Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New 1950s fabric design for Spoonflower

I've not had much time for Spoonflower contests recently but the competition which is running this week was to design a retro kitchen fabric, using just 4 colours which they had chosen.

As I had a design already created of some 1950's kitchen chairs, I used that and changed the colours to the 4 specified which were red, cream, mustard, dark brown, and white as an option.
Here are my 3 versions.

I submitted the red one, I thought it was slightly Mahler-esque in colour, a bit like my mug below.


grace said...

I love the red version - are you selling it?

patty said...

Thanks Grace, I might be selling this fabric eventually. I may try some different colour combinations but I'll mention it on my blog if it does become available.

BeckyWise. said...

This fabric is super cool, I love anything retro! - Becky Xx

patty said...

cheers Becky