Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Robbie & Ruby robin update

I haven't done a robin update for a while, probably because everything was going along nicely but then of course something changes and within 24hrs it's all different.

After Robbie had paired up with Ruby I eventually realised where they had built their nest as I watched them flying in and out of an old farm building with nesting material.
Both robins were visiting me regularly, coming up to the window sill and Robbie who is the more confident one would tap sometimes at me on the glass, Robbie was also the only one who would eat from your hand.

A couple of weeks ago their visits for food became more regular and I guessed they were now feeding babies as they were taking tiny bits of food to the nest.

All seemed well until last week when Robbie & Ruby were feeding in the garden a third robin appeared and over about 2 days you could see both males fighting when food was put out. They are quite fierce little things, poor Robbie having another bird on his territory.
Well what can you do, I couldn't exactly chase this new imposter robin away so I just tried to separate 2 feeding dishes.

It's at this point I'm not sure what has happened because over the weekend only Ruby seems to be coming for food and Robbie seems to have disappeared. Ruby also seems to have a slightly poorly leg as she's stood on one most of the time and she looks a bit bedraggled.
The imposter robin is still visiting, I recognise him because he looks a bit shifty, his eyes are closer to his brow and he's not as cute as Robbie.

As far as I know I've not seen Robbie for at least 4 days so I'm puzzled as to whether the other one has driven him away, I'm sure he can't be sat on the nest or maybe he's no longer with us. 
Any further updates and I will report back.

This is one of my last pictures of him, happily eating!

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lavender attic said...

I know it's nature Sally, but it makes me sad nonetheless! I hope he's OK and hasn't been chased off by Bully Robin. Hope you're well x