Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tabbouleh and embroidery

Phew, I got my exhaust sorted today. After an initial quote from rip off KwikFit for £380 I saved a good deal by going to ATS for £265 and the staff were much more pleasant, all rather costly as my catalytic converter needed replacing but it had to be done.

Had a nice wander around the Scarborough whilst the car was being worked on and bought some lovely herbs for my first attempt at Tabbouleh.
I found the recipe on Shaheens blog and it's very easy to make.

It's turned out lovely.

This is such a fresh and fragrant salad to have on a warm day like today.
It went very nicely with some other bits 'n pieces. Olive bread courtesy of M&S with some olive oil and balsamic to dip it in. 

Great that I didn't have to cook the bulgar wheat, just soak it in hot water because the oven is on its way out again and so I'm feeling a bit cooking & baking frustrated. It needs servicing again, maximum temperature at the moment is 130 C so a bit of a struggle, good for meringues though! The timing isn't great because if I have it serviced it will be at it's hottest over summer but there's nothing else other than the microwave or our one ring camping stove, oh well.

Spending the rest of the day making things, this is a little embroidery I am trying out from some new rubber stamps I got recently. Not sure what it will turn into yet.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Goodness that was quite a difference between the two prices for your exhaust, wasn't it!!
The tabbouleh looks delicious, I love bulgar wheat!
As yummy as meringues are, you just can't live on them. :)
Your embroidery is very pretty.
Vivienne x

BeckyWise. said...

Your tabbouleh looks very yummy and I love your embroidery!
Shame the oven is being silly and I hope it stops being silly soon! - Becky x