Friday, 7 September 2012

Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies & Books

Robins update: - they all fledged and gradually disappeared, even Ruby legged it about a month ago. I can still hear Robin calls but the tree cover is so dense that I don't see them now. Saw a fleeting glimpse of red this week but I guess that is it until they return for food in winter.

What with all the lovely sunshine this week there has been a welcome visitor to the garden (for a change), lots of dragonflies, really big ones flying around like mini helicopters. They seem happy to sit for ages on the rosebushes. I find them mesmerising to watch flying, and some of them flap past your ears making a buzzing with their wings.

I'm finally seeing some butterflies other than the cabbage whites, this lovely orange one landed on the washing.

Moving into the weekend and I've got plenty of crafty reading material although I think I need to start making a batch of brooches as I've just had some work accepted at a new gallery for their Christmas display.

I found this Crochet book in the library which seems to have some easy enough projects.

The slippers and wrist warmers below just might be within my capabilities!

This magazine, Sew Home (sept issue), attracted me because it had the Vintage Christmas supplement with it and there look to be a few nice things inside, see below.

Hope you have a lovely weekend if you are crafting. I really enjoy making stuff when the weather as fine as the natural light and warmth seem to kick start the creative process. Whereas grey and wet (like it usually is) send me into that 'can't be bothered' attitude. Have fun!


Anne said...

Hi Patty, I really enjoyed hearing about your wildlife. We saw a robin today as we were coming back to the cottage singing its little heart out so beautifully and every night in the early hours we have been woken by an owl. I wonder if they know autumn and winter are just around the corner. The mag looks really good, I will have a look for it.I wish I were better at sewing, I suppose its all down to practice?!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe, I hope the little robins have a happy life!!! :)
Dragonflies are quite amazing creatures, aren't they. You're very lucky to have them visit you!!
Have a lovely crafty weekend Sally,
V x

Shaheen said...

Thank you so much for your warm comments on my blog Sally, they really are gratefully appreciated x

I've seen lots of dragonflies about this year too. None of them have settled though for me to admire, just hover by. Love the look of the craft ideas, I'd love to have a go at crocheting myself and those wrist warmers are right up my street - the weather is def. changing now, so thoughts are turning to scarves too :)

patty said...

Hi Shaheen, yes thoughts of cardigans and scarves are in my mind this week! I think the dragonflies have gone this week as it's chillier.
If you ever get time from the cafe, try a simple crochet square and you'll soon be hooked.x