Thursday, 13 September 2012

Crafty update and iPhone cases

I can feel a distinct chill in the air this week which is a bit of a shock to the system as it was like summer last week. My cardigan is back on, (not long since I put vests and cardies away) and the house is feeling cold which means I must get an Aga man out soon to service it and turn it back on for a bit of heat and so I don't have to battle on with micro waving food which I have been for weeks!

However, whilst the days are still light enough I'm steaming ahead with crafty things. I've had requests for iPhone cases so that is what I'm on with this week.

Some time ago, last year even, I had some Spoonflower fabric printed with my artwork designs, planned roughly to a size for a gadget case.

I'm finally cutting into that fabric, it's often a big deal cutting into my Spoonflower fabric as it's so expensive. 

But here we are, iPhone cases in progress, some with my artwork and some with vintage linen and other groovy fabrics, with contrasting backs and lined in felt.

The top 2 in the above picture are Scottish hand loomed fabric and Harris tweed for a more masculine gadget case.

The back of the cases.

Some cases are just sleeves, some have flap over velcro tabs.

The back of the Woolworths case has a sweetie fabric to remind me of Pick n Mix!

The red one in the foreground uses some vintage Austrian edelweiss braid I picked up at a fair.
Lots more in the pipeline, some seaside ones with Scarborough & Spurn Point and  I want to do some coffee related ones where I will use some recycled coffee sack in the design.

Which brings me onto other updates. I'm going to be supplying The Attic above Harlequin cafe in York with some small textile gifts.
I've also made contact with the lovely Sunday Nest haberdashery above Me & Mrs Fisher cafe in York who will be stocking some of my festive cut and sew kits.
And, last week I went to the Art & Rose Gallery in Pocklington and they will be taking some of my brooches for their Christmas display which is all very exciting.

This lot should keep me more than busy between design work!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your phone cases have some great themes, I love the phone boxes (very appropriate actually) and good old Woolies! Don't you just miss the pick 'n' mix!!!
Congrats on getting your work into all those shops!!!
Not as chilly here this morning as it had been, I was really put out having to put on a jumper yesterday!!!
Vivienne x

patty said...

Hi Vivienne, thanks I hope I can get enough stuff made for the shops!
Yup I sure do miss Woolies pick n mix.
I'm also feeling a bit peeved that the jumper is back on so soon!

Anne said...

Yes, it is feeling pretty nippy this last day or so, such a contrast after last week. Congratulations on getting some of your goodies into the couple of shops in York. We usually go in late November time to soak up the christmas atmosphere that is building, so I will check them out!

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
Glad you spoke to Sunday Nest - last time i was in there I told them about you and your lovely textiles. The cases are great - I love the Woolworths and York one. It's definitely a bit cooler this week - I prefer it I have to say!
Take care, sally x

patty said...

Thanks everyone and thanks Sally for mentioning my things to Sunday Nest, really appreciate that.
Time to start getting the jumpers out I think!