Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekend Car Boot at Sledmere

I had been working most of Saturday so I took some time out on Sunday morning and visited the so called, Stately Car Boot sale at Sledmere House. I've been once before and it is rather good compared to other car boots I've been to. Plenty of vintage and retro things to rummage through.
Plus the event helps support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and it was great to see the helicopter land in front of the house.

This year there were quite a few stalls with Hornsea Pottery on, nothing terribly rare so I just looked.
Here is one stall with plenty of Hornsea. I happened to be stood near when a big gust of wind came and blew the next stalls heavy clothes rail right onto all these pots and knocked them flying. Absolutely amazingly, nothing got broken or chipped when we picked it all up.

I had to take this picture as I spotted something which I used to have as a child, circled in red is a little tin xylophone which had Magic Roundabout characters, I think I also had one with Yogi and BooBoo.

Lots of nice tins and suitcases.

This lovely tea set with the crinoline lady design.

Nice but expensive antique and costume jewellery, lots of vintage linen, some fabric but nothing groovy enough for me.
I was quite retrained, only spent £10 and here's what I bought.

Pretty vintage hankies,

A vintage Dutch tablecloth,

And these original 1890 something French advertising postcards for chocolate and biscuits. The stall I got these from had hundreds of these beautiful cards and postcards, not cheap though hence only buying 2. A big selection of them would have made a fabulous collage to turn into a fabric design.

A nice way to spend a couple of hours pottering & reminiscing!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Goodness, how lucky was that, that nothing got broken! I think I would have been afraid to look!!!
I love your French postcards ~ lovely. :)
V x

lavender attic said...

I'm sure you know I am now oohing and aaahing at the Crinoline Lady teaset -I wonder how much it was?? Love your purchases, especially the cards.
I must get to Sledmere at some point!
Sally x

Anne said...

What a lovely car boot sale that looked. Sounds very posh, wonder if it would have been well out of my price range though?

patty said...

Vivienne, it was one of those incidents where I was innocently stood browsing when the wind struck the rail down and everyone looked at me as if I'd knocked all the pots down!

Sally, I took the pic of the crinoline lady tea set for your benefit, it was drawing a fair bit of admiration. I would've loved to buy you a cup or something but it was going as a job lot and I presumed for quite a bit as there was no price on but enquire within!

Anne, it really is a good one to make a day of as you can picnic in Sledmere gardens. Entrance was £3 and it's usually in the middle of summer but it was delayed this year with the weather. They only have one a year, usually July or August but they promote it on their website if you remember to look next year. Apart from proper antiques I suppose stuff wasn't too expensive, and you just see so much nice stuff rather than junky, through away stuff.

Crafty in the Med said...

Nice Nice Nice I do love a good car boot sale! I could spend hours at them.
Good buys! Love the Dutch table cloth and the postcards. I really enjoy reading the back of old used interesting my imagination runs wild thinking about the writer and who they were sending it to.
Looks like you had a great time!

keep well

Amanda :-)