Friday, 21 September 2012

Vintage camping fabric samples

This week I received the printed fabric samples of my vintage camping design and they have come out quite nicely, although I would say that wouldn't I???!!!

See what you think, there are 5 colour options and all are now for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace,  bit pricey though, I think a FQ is $11.

The design is quite a big repeat, to give an idea, the tent you can see measures 9cm across.

NOTE: I just wanted to mention this, incase anyone buys fabric of any sort from Spoonflower. Once you hit the limit of £15 worth of goods (which can easily be a yard of fabric + postage, about $25), there is a duty charge and Royal Mail admin fee to bring your parcel into the country. I have been stung with this charge on one occasion and the Royal Mail admin fee was a horrendous £8 to collect my parcel. Please be aware of that, if buying fat quarters then there's no problem.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They look great Sally, very retro! :)
Beautiful weather here today after a very wet Thursday and it's looking good for the weekend, hope it's good in your part of the UK too.
Happy weekend,
Vivienne x

lavender attic said...

Am going to have a peek at Spoonflower...Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous fabric. I am imagining a cottage in Filey with a cushion on my sofa made from the blue version!
Sally x

lavender attic said...

Me again, I've just ordered a yard of the brown version instead!! Makes more sense to buy a yard for $18 than a FQ I think. I'm sure I won't want to cut into it though!!

patty said...

Sally that is wonderful, thank you for taking the plunge and buying some fabric.
Happy weekend everyone x

Anne said...

Cant wait to see what Sally makes from your fabric.It really does look gorgeous, you are really clever!