Monday, 24 September 2012

Saturday was a good day

I think the measure of whether my days are good or bad has a lot to do with the weather one way or another. 
Saturday was good and it was beautiful weather, today is bad, it has been raining all day and I'm suffering from cold hands and feet and it's miserable here. If I could sit my computer and desk in front of the aga then I'd benefit from a bit of heat but I'm having a cold reminder today of how bad this draughty bedroom of an office is when no sun is out and it's wet and windy.

Anyway lets relive that nice day on Saturday. 
I went over the Humber Bridge to Barton, now that bridge fee has gone down to £1.50 a journey I had been looking forward to doing this trip on a fine day.

The destination was The Ropewalk, museum, gallery, workshops etc. I didn't realise it was an Open Studios weekend (and also next weekend) but that added to the pleasure of wandering around the gallery and visiting some of the artists in their studios.

I went to see Wendy Chan who is a lady I did a fabric workshop with a couple of years ago, Wendy was demonstrating some simple screen printing which caught my attention. She insisted I had a go even though I was happy watching but anyway I scribbled down a quick bird design and cut out a template. Within minutes I had a print and then we did a second onto a canvas bag, it was brilliant, I was very impressed and pleased with my result.

Visited another lady doing pretty textiley things and she had an interesting business name, Pampootie, she told me where she's from in the west of Ireland it's the name for a slipper, an ancient shoe. Most interesting, she is just developing her website.

After tea and cake and more artists studios we went for a wander at the nature reserve by the Humber bank in Barton and here are some sunny pictures, it was lovely and warm.

From the nature reserve we drove to Thornton Abbey which would also have been nice for a wander however it was no longer free entry. Not that I want to sound like a cheap-skate because I am pleased funds are being taken for the upkeep of such a great place, but time was of the essence and I've been so many times before that on this occasion I gave it a miss.

The other place I wanted to revisit, and these are all places I used to visit regularly when I lived over there, was Julians Bower which is an ancient turf maze. The maze is in the village of Alkborough which over looks the Humber, the maze is maintained by volunteers. It was smaller than I remember but interesting non the less.

That brings us to the end of our trip over the Humber!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Looks like you had a lovely day out, the skies are beautiful!
I love your little bird print ~ a lot actually. :)
V x

Anne said...

A lovely day out there! I am so impressed at your bird design and the bag!