Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Brooches, iPhone cases & felt biscuits

Had a really productive day on Saturday delivering my goods in York. I dropped off a batch of Nutcracker Cut & Sew kits to the Sunday Nest above Me & Mrs Fisher cafe.

Whilst I was there I picked up one of their lovely little scrap bags and some woven ribbon.

From another shop, the Viking Loom, I got these lovely fat quarters.

Next stop was The Attic to deliver iPhone cases and coffee brooches, and also to have some delish coffees!

Brooches, some of which use coffee sack

A few final iPhone cases, the red Bob the Bunny has sold straight away!

This one is in Harris Tweed, donated from a bloggy friend who used to live up there.

And now for something different as it's been gadget cases for weeks!..,  although not terribly original as handmade biscuity things are popping up everywhere.
There were some felt biscuits in Mollie Makes some months back and I think they were just ornamental so I've done something similar and made brooches.

Very easy, this is a jammy dodger in progress.

Sandwich the bits together and stitch on some detail.

Add the sugar for a finishing touch with some small glass beads.

Ta dah it's done, and now I'm on with iced rings, it's nice to do something frivolous now and again!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Do you know I haven't had iced rings in years and now I have such a craving for them! :) I love the felt biscuits Sally, such fun!!!
That Bob is going to be very famous, I know it! ;)
Lots of lovely makes, I especially love the little coffee brooches the little beans are very cute!
Vivienne x

Richard said...

How spooky, I was in The Attic on Saturday too. Hope the stuff sells!

lavender attic said...

Hi Sally
How are you? I still excitedly await my FQ from Spoonflower! I LOVE the jammy dodger, that is so clever! The Stonegate devil - my friend's in-laws had a retail shop in that building and there were many spooky happenings! I will try to pop into Sunday Nest tomorrow and admire your wares!
take care, sally x

patty said...

Thanks all for the comments.
Vivienne, I remember the last time I had iced rings they seemed so much sweeter than I remembered so I think I prefer to make them now rather than eat them!
Sally I hope your FQ arrives soon and I hope it's ok for you. How interesting about the Stonegate Devil building, I'm intrigued.

Anne said...

Hi Sally, love the biscuits, they would look great on a lovely china plate on my kitchen windowsill! Note to self, I should have a go at making some!