Monday, 29 October 2012

Screen Printing - first attempt

I haven't really done screen printing before despite doing quite a bit of printing back in my college days but that was letterpress and lithography.
I had my appetite whetted a few weeks ago when I had a quick go at an open studios event.

That lead to me ordering a basic set of equipment. I've just got a frame, ink squeegee and 3 pots of ink. The red is a fantastic shade of pillar box!

This is a very simple stencil I cut out as my first design which I decided to try in 2 colours.

Here's the red going down

Time to dry it before getting the black ink out.

The frame with the red residue didn't wash up too well, maybe I should've bought some frame cleaning fluid or if anyone knows what I could try to get it any cleaner I'd love to know.

Next is the black

I'm liking the fact the result is quite crisp. I tried it on a patterned fabric as well as the plain cotton.

The finished ones are drying before fixing with the iron. I only managed to get 3 pulls before the paper stencil went soggy!

Not sure what I'm making these into yet but I had great fun faffing about with these and I think screen printing is definitely something I'll get some mileage out of.

I even quite like the waste paper my ink spread onto!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They look great Sally, clever idea too! :)
I saw your print on Facebook but for some reason I can't leave a comment or like on your Facebook page!
V x

patty said...

Thanks Vivienne, the Facebook thing might be because yours is a business page although I'm not very up on how FB works.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That is just stunning, fabulous first attempt! Would make good tote bags. Facebook is a minefield to me but I do know you can't 'like' a business page from another business page, you have to do it from a personal page......crazy, I know!! I now have a personal page just for liking people but I wish I could do it from my business page!